Support Kerala’s Animal’s legal rights

Animal Legal Force Integration is India’s first NGO endeavouring to wage legal battle against cruelty towards animals and wildlife.
They are making a difference, CHANGING attitudes, behaviour and SHOWING the public that the constitutional animal rights are applicable. Not only do they help individuals in crisis but they are protecting the lives of the many.
Currently a mega film has had to delay its release because ALFI filed a case against its abuse of the jungle as a setting, without ensuring due care for the life therein. Producers and directors will think twice in the future.
ALFI is a showing us a LARGE part of the solution.

AlFI has it’s very own ‘Elephant man’, Angels Nair, who spends all his time ensuring the Indian constitutional animal rights which are supported by criminal law, are upheld.  He has initiated cases to save animals, rescue animals and punish animal abusers.  Without any funding Angels prepares cases, begs support from legal entities and defends the animals in the high court.
His work alone has gained significant press coverage and raised pubic awareness considerably. In his own words
‘The impact is enormous. We really need a team for these  legal fights. In India the laws for animals are robust. For abandoning a pup in the street to starve the fine is only Rs. 50/- but the cost for the guilty is high in social stigma and the shame in being taken by police to the station impacts the entire family. It alone is a huge punishment. So I’d promote everyone to file the case, not to think about the rupee value. It does work.’
We need support:-
University Law students and departments- could work with us volunteers would gain the invaluable experience of appearing in court while they are in training.
International Law/politics  students- volunteer to experience working in an Indian court and participating in enforcing constitutional rights.
The cost of filing cases etc is enormous the link below on the google drive sows how much work as been done by one person without funds – availability of finance and so legal professionals would hugely impact the amount of cases filed and their impact.
Funding would allow for superior documented evidence  to be collected, through providing for travel and technology costs.
We need to change lives, attitudes, we need to spread a pride in the strength of our Constitution which is admired globally. We need to rescue individual animals and show that animal abuse is a serious punishable offence by being the voice for lives.

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    Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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