Help To Build Community Park For 105 Rural School Children

 These and a whole bunch of 105  children are playing everyday without any physical and permanent playscapes(park) in school and community which doesn’t have  proper accessible space  for children where they gather, interact, play, learn and develop. we, youngester of our community which is Keela Nambipuram in the district of Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu and completed our primary education in that school itself. When we saw at closer quarter and grown up in the same community where no physical structure to play and explore so that we can easily connect the need of these children now.  we are thinking of how our kids get same opportunities in life as any other kids in urban areas.
To give you guys little context, these kids are from economically poor background and are first generation learners. The parents are daily wage workers, most of whom cannot afford the private school tuition fees and a few of whom cannot afford basic necessities for the family. Amidst all this, everyone wants to push forward, leave all the difficulties behind and give education a priority to ensure a brighter and a better future. With teachers of the primary school, we are striving to provide an excellent education to these kids along with the right exposure and infrastructure so that they are on bar with anyone else.
So, as a first step towards achieve above , we are planning to create Siruvar Poonga (Park)  in community where  we have enough space(64m2 ) to build this project and also their parents themselves are labours and are ready to work without wages to complete this project. Until now we have raised INR 10000 from community but this fund is not enough to buy construction material and and wages for few outsourcing components to complete this project successfully so that please support and give your  contribution for  this project which will be giving smile on the face of these children for long decades in future.
If you would like to visit the school and further queries,  please do reach out to me at

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