Planting Trees for Our Nature

Mainly Global Green Intiative team will plant trees and plants in Median of Road also some public places so inorder to widen our plans we need funds. We also conduct programmes in schools and provide them tree saplings and plant trees to create awareness among them how important it is to maintain green even if development oriented activities takes place. We have planted around 1000 plants in a median and around 28 trees as of now in last 4-5 months. Now we are doing a median full of trees. We hope Milaap can help us.
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Our current plan is to plants around 300-400 trees in median and also various parts in our City for our young generations and create awareness among them about the importance for planting. So Inorder to do that we need to clean up place with help of the locals and buy saplings to plant and then maintain that stretch. Our volunteers will take care of this..

We have already planted in three medians and now we are maintaining it. but we require funds for moving to next median and also to conduct programes in other organisations

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